Lowndes, a global leader

Lowndes Group is a multi-platform media company with extensive experience in creating and executing a wide range of strategically successful publishing commissions.

A global player in the elite commemorative sector, and a trusted source with a privileged sector with international reach.
Following the success of the original publishing portfolio, over three decades of experience has seen Lowndes attain a coveted market-driven profile, with emphasis on publications in celebration of milestones in tribute to members of the British royal family, wherein a memorable record of titles published has featured the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the sovereign’s Eighty Glorious Years on the Throne and the 60th birthday of the heir to the Throne HRH the Prince of Wales.

Significantly, our substantial list of varied titles include publications for the United Nations, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and a broad range of industries, including the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Historic governmental projects have included the Centennial Celebration in the Philippines and Qatar’s two decades since accession to the WTO.

Big Media

This big story essentially describes a unique state-of-the- art concept evolved by newly formed Big Media, a subsidiary of Lowndes Group and at the cutting-edge of the evolution of emerging iconic digital out of home advertising, positioned in one of the finest landmarks of London. A front page news story to be launched by Big Media in 2018.

Airlines Associations

In advanced development are three of the major regional international aviation hubs: FAR EAST, MIDDLE EAST and the CARIBBEAN. Negotiations are undergoing with principal government/civil aviation authorities to finalise the relevant site plans for completion.


Research Methodology
We offer an outstanding programme, including a range of quantitative, qualitative and meta-analysis approaches to research. Aimed mainly at the commemorative sector, but equally crucial in sector-specific fields such as heritage, history, military and aviation.

Bespoke Projects
In approaching all-important research, we work in a spirit of close association with clients with an emphasis on employing project management techniques.

Design Expertise
Design thinking is at the centre of what any graphic designer seeks to achieve, and for over three decades our professional practitioners have maintained the highest-standards in the specialist sector, setting award-winning standards in design practice in commemorative books.

Content Matters
When it comes to critical content, our collective of creatives are among the foremost teams in terms of delivering content creation, complemented by exceptional typography.

Ready for Print
We have extensive experience – commissioning leading author/writer participation – in originating high-quality bespoke editorial publications.



The Group will continue to work closely with selected governments, major world organisations and international corporations to commemorate and immortalize notable personalities and events of national and international significance.

The company aims to develop and grow the publisher’s already prestigious portfolio of publications to maintain an established lead in this niche market. Lowndes Group is determined to do this whilst at the same time maintaining the highest standards.

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The team is led by our Group CEO, formerly a director of a London Publishing Plc with over three decades of experience in creating foremost editions for a wide range of organisations. Following the development of his original business model, he has successfully attained a leading position for the Group as a trusted source in the commemorative publishing sector.

Design Expertise

Our Design Studio is led by an innovative, award-winning International Art Director, among the most creative designers, setting the highest of standards.

‘We like what we do, and doing it well.’

Editorial Profile

The Group is led by our senior editorial director, with over four decades of expertise in the publishing sector, including creating titles for the national press, top European magazine publishers, and leading book titles, with attention to the quality of editing, design, and production.

External Communication

The In-House External Communications team is led by our Chief of Corporate Affairs, heading disciplined multi-media professionals who are in constant communication with international clients worldwide.

Equally, External Communications are expert at originating a positive image, and we employ tailored communication techniques to identify keynote opportunities, complemented by our Group’s own performance-defined evaluation model to increase opportunity.


We pay meticulous attention to the accuracy of all aspects of our titles and we have developed a range of quantitative, qualitative and meta-analysis approaches to research, aimed chiefly at the commemorative sector but equally vital in the sector-specific fields of the military, aviation, education, and heritage.